Monday, March 16, 2009

Jambo (Hello) from Egerton University

What an experience the last couple of days have been. I think both Tanisha and I are still in awe that we are finally here and really getting the opportunity to see the region and meet the people we have been reading about so intently for the last 4 months!
After we wrote last, we went exploring around Nairobi and did some shopping at the Village Market. Tanisha worked her bargaining skills for some Kangas (a wrap worn by women in Kenya) and a few other gifts and she did a great job but was later disappointed by the lower prices being offered by other stalls within the market. And it was hilarious, with her competitive spirit she was so angry with herself the rest of the day!!
Yesterday, after attending church we made our way here to Egerton University in the Rift Valley...what a drive! There were baboons and warthogs and zebra right on the side of the road, grazing right along side goats, sheep, and definitely can't see that back home. And then Dr. Semenye took us on our own little safari (which means journey in Swahilli) down to Lake Elementaita to see the flamingos...what a site. And there were these two boys who were running after the car the entire time wanting to sell us the beautiful flowers they had made from the flamingo plumes they had collected. With their determination, running after us for such a long distance, we could not resist!! It really puts into perspective the situation here...
Today we had our first opportunity to see the River Njoro region. Getting a real lay of the land was really exciting and fulfilling after reading about it for so long. We were also able to visit some of the household that have been using the filter. I really can't find the words to explain the experience. Reflecting on the day I think we are both extremely overwhelmed by the extent of the need but also encouraged by the opportunity and potential to really make a difference!!
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