Thursday, February 4, 2010


Becky and Tanisha have returned back to the US, while Isaac is leading the efforts for RWI on the ground in Nakuru. I compiled all of our accomplishments from this most recent visit to Kenya, and a lot has been accomplished.
Some of the highlights of our outcomes include:

Received authorization and endorsement for our business and activities regarding the education and sale of RWI’s flagship product the BSF from the provincial office of Public Health for the Rift Valley Province.

Trained and mobilized about 20 additional sales agents who will represent RWI in their communities and hopefully stimulate sales in rural and remote regions. These people are grassroots leaders in their communities.

Changed our legal entity to a Limited Liability Corporation in Kenya. We are discussing what the future will look like, but felt that registering as a bona fide LLC was super duper important.

Hired another team member to step in as the Operations Manager to allow Isaac to focus on PR and relationship building to market and sell our business and our products.

Took orders from friends, and local community members. People want these biosand filters. There is a market out there, we just need to figure out how to build a well oiled distribution network.

The picture in this post, is from Mogotio (one of the towns where we work), this is the Molo River where many of the local people go to get their water.