Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Schools x 2 Households x 3 BSFs

Today has been busy! We visited two schools, two households, and were part of the installation of two biosand filters (BSF) at one of the schools. Actually we were planning to install all three, but were able to install two and will come back to see the progress on the installation of the third filter.

Here is a picture of Simon (the main BSF technician) installing the first BSF, and instructing the school staff on the ways it is used.

Becky and Tanisha are "put on the spot" to sing in front of the class. We are singing "Lean on Me," complete with hand motions and everything.

The team in breath-taking Teret in what use to be the Mau forest walking from household to household, up and down hills, and through different farm plots of land.
Needless to say we are exhausted.

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